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          蒂姆·哈考特, economic adviser to the 布莱克斯 Review, says the end of 霍尔登 reminds us of how the 汽车行业 can guarantee its future in Australia.

          一般 Motors will be retiring the 霍尔登 brand in Australia and New Zealand. Credit: Shutterstock

          一般 Motors will be retiring the 霍尔登 brand in Australia and New Zealand. Credit: Shutterstock


          该 汽车行业 in Australia has been in seemingly constant flux, especially during the major downsizing in the manufacturing sector over the years. Falls in sales and job cuts have dominated as the industry faces major disruptions and global competition.


          政府的支持可以追溯到2008年,当时前总理维多利亚时代 史蒂夫·布拉克斯 进行了 澳大利亚汽车行业回顾.

          在激烈的压力,停止削减关税,布莱克斯是由欲望驱动的基础上 约翰·巴顿的断奶行业关关税并使它的伟大遗产出口导向型。

          However, despite the industry’s and government’s efforts, Ford, Toyota and 霍尔登 ceased Australian production to focus instead on imported models and research and development (R&D).





          其次,审查所提供的检修 汽车业竞争和投资计划 (ACIS) so that the industry could restructure to suit future conditions. 该 reforms ensured the industry could focus on innovation, R&D, excellence, and design, with an emphasis on skills and training.

          Thirdly, the review recommended restructuring the industry’s role in the supply chain, drawing on strong design skills and intellectual property, and adjusting to an energy-efficient, low carbon future.

          In Australia, the 汽车行业 is unique. It is not Detroit, and has Australian characteristics and capabilities. 

          I was struck at how GM and Ford told us that Australian automotive design skills were the best in the world, and that environmental innovation here was also world-leading.

          In hindsight, we can be relieved that 布莱克斯 made those changes and that the final report was tabled in July 2008 before the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

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          Fortunately, 布莱克斯 – like Button before him – avoided both extremes and instead advocated a moderate path of reform for the 汽车行业.


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          As Button knew, and 布莱克斯 knows, economic reform is not easy. You need a good feel for direction amidst regular renewal of strategy, tactics, maintenance and the constant changing of gears as global economic and environmental conditions change.



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