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          Reports from the police watchdog on 脱衣搜身es and the controversial 犯罪嫌疑人管理计划的目标 confirm growing concerns, say two 太阳城网站网址法 researchers.

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          关于有培养警方条的搜索新南威尔士州即受法律无知,据研究人员2 UNSW的法律。

          博士薇薇Sentas and 博士迈克尔Grewcock say a 执法行为佣金 (LECC) report released yesterday raises a number of concerns about 脱衣搜身es in custody and in the field.

          “It is extraordinary that there are over 100 different police guidelines on when police can use a 脱衣搜身, that are inconsistent, confused and, at times, contrary to law,” 博士迈克尔Grewcock says.



          The LECC reviewed 113 local Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for strip searches in custody. It found that 60% of all SOPs contain no guidance on the recording of reasons for a 脱衣搜身.

          Dr Sentas says the instruction that police provide for conducting 脱衣搜身es is seriously inadequate and supports the case for law reform.


          博士博士Grewcock Sentas和释放 第一个法律研究 去年八月脱衣搜身,全身非法使用警方力量脱衣搜身的文档化模式。

          The UNSW researchers have urged Parliament to reform the law in order to clarify and limit the circumstances in which 脱衣搜身es can be conducted.

          They say that the LECC recommendation that NSW Police resolve these questions by improving their guidelines is insufficient on its own to respond to the problem.

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          She says the LECC report and its public hearings revealed that NSW Police have paid little regard to the legal requirement to ensure a suitable adult is present when a child is strip-searched.

          “This reflects a wider failure to acknowledge the vulnerabilities of 孩子 in this situation. The law should be changed to require a court order before a child can be strip-searched.”

          Dr Sentas says another LECC report highlighted the controversial 犯罪嫌疑人管理计划的目标 (STMP) as “a troubling grey zone” outside of the law.


          医生说Sentas在提出的报告证实关注 青年正义联盟研究 在2017年,她与人合着与公众利益倡导中心。



          The LECC examined 429 孩子 on the STMP in a two-year period and found patterns of targeting that have led to unreasonable unjust and oppressive interactions for young SMTP targets.


          "Significantly, the LECC finds that the STMP involves intrusive tactics and unreasonable 监控 of 孩子 and young people,” Dr Sentas says.

          “It confirms our 2017 research, that found police use a child’s STMP status as a basis for ongoing and repeated stops and searches instead of following the legislation.”

          “Whether we take the police or the LECC’s competing figures, somewhere between half to three-quarters of all 孩子 on the STMP are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander,” Dr Sentas says.

          “The discriminatory targeting of Indigenous children causes immense harm and must stop. The immediate suspension of the STMP for all 孩子 is justified.”

          The LECC report says NSW Police are evaluating a revised and improved version of the STMP that it says will address all concerns raised by the commission.

          “The LECC makes a number of recommendations it considers would improve the STMP, but this tool is highly inappropriate for 孩子 and should be abandoned altogether,” Dr Sentas says.


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          “The problem is not simply, as the LECC put it, that the nature of the interactions between police and those targeted are neither clear nor accountable,” Dr Sentas says.

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